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The left side has orange flames; the right has blue. This represents the burning and cold experienced by people with CRPS.

Welcome to RSD/CRPS WV! 

"We're not your mother's support group"

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Our Philosophy/

      Although the picture above has the traditional flames to represent RSD/CRPS, this group is going to function a little differently.  We are not focusing on it as the "suicide disease" or "the most painful disease known to man."  I haven't found suicide stats (please send them to me if you have them), and the pain study had major problems, like including only 8 people in the RSD group! 

      Instead, we are going to celebrate each other's accomplishments, whether that's getting out of bed, wearing shoes, raising kids, going to work, or getting through the day.   I'm not saying we won't talk about our struggles and frustrations, because we will.  I want this to be a place where we build community by celebrating understanding and togetherness.  Although this website is for people with RSD/CRPS in West Virginia, we welcome anyone (over 13) from anywhere.

     This website has discussion boards and real-time chats that are members-only and not indexed by Google.  

A waterfall in West Virginia.
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